Volkswagen Golf-e Mk7

Volkswagen is now widening its range of the Golf Mk7 models together with a latest pure electric version, which is called as the Golf-e, seen in these photos on our gallery for the first time earlier before a world debut at the next 2013 Geneva International Motor Show on March 5. Unfortunately, Volkswagen hasn’t officially unveiled the further details yet, but we’ve got further information from the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo.

On its outside, the only indicative signs that this latest Golf VII is now in battery-powered are the covered upper and also the reshaped lower grilles, together with the mildly altered head- and tail-lamps. Meanwhile, inside, you’ll realize that VW changed the tachometer and also the two smaller gauges in this car’s instrument panel with the latest meters bringing relevant information. In addition, the LCD screen of the infotainment system has also been updated.

Current news from that newspaper said that this Golf-e is complemented with an electric motor generating an output of 115hp and also an instant torque figure of 2teh 70Nm that will be good enough to accelerate its front-wheel drive model to the top of 100km/h (62mph) in only 11.8 seconds along with a limited top speed of 135km/h (84mph).

Moreover, the electric juice will come from a great 26.5 kWh lithium ion battery that’s located under its rear seats. The news reported that it doesn’t need any boot space, which stays the same as the regular Golf hatchback. This nice battery can be charged in 20 minutes with the quick charging system along with a 3-phase current, or in just five hours using a household wall socket. In this case, it provides a driving range of up to 175 kilometers (109 miles) – it depends on the driving style and also the road conditions. Wanna see more details? Just click and go on our gallery below.

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