Valentino Rossi

The seven-time MotoGP winner, Valentino Rossi, went to NASCAR last week. He tried a great Kyle Busch’s Toyota Camry stock car in a great PR stunt that has been organized by Monster Energy at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Charlotte becomes one of the fastest and most appreciated tracks on the great NASCAR circuit, so this test was serious. After he got his short warm-up, Valentino Rossi, who though a swap to the Ferrari’s F1 team at one point, attained speeds of up to 185mph and began posting fast lap times.

He said that it was very cool to know the feeling. He has many friends from Europe and Italy who follow the NASCAR. It appears like it is a very dissimilar type of racing than what they have done in Europe and Rossi predicted something more like this. Rossi added that it was nice and he enjoyed it so much. He loves to drive the race car, and he said that it was always thrilling to drive a great NASCAR.

Kyle Busch was impressed with this Rossi’s performance. Busch said that Rossi started out a little slow, but in the every lap he picked it up a lot. He got to in which he was running some aggressive lap speeds – times that would put him in the top-fifteen in Nationwide Series practice. That is good enough for people in his first start.

Though the team owner, Joe Gibbs joked about presenting Rossi a contract, do not expect that to occur anytime soon.

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