All New Subaru XV

The development of technology increasingly sophisticated and will simplify everything. And Subaru introduced new technology Self-Cleaning,first in the world where cars are dirty to clean themselves in just one touch of a button.

This advanced technology developed by the company AF Self-Cleaning Technology. In the UK, Self-Cleaning technology to Subaru XV already marketed at 1 April 2013. Car buyers can add a fee of £ 1.412.

How to work cleaning the automatic car body work electronically. Just by pressing the self-cleaning feature on the remote key. This feature will work with nanogenerators then convert that energy is converted into electrical energy that is connected to the body of the car with a low electric current is not dangerous.

With the first feature in the automotive world this would be very easy to clean dirt and dust without having to wash the car. Maybe you are a bit do not believe, so get on with it see the official promo video Subaru with AF Self-Cleaning Technology below.

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