Smart ForTwo Furniture BoConcept

Do you ever imagine about what the Daimler’s Smart car brand and also Danish urban interior design specialist BoConcept similarity? Well, at your first glance, you’ll get nothing. But when the designers from those companies came together, they found a similar ground in “form” and also “functionality”. These two different brands say they begun the partnership as an imaginative exchange about the urban design. And the result is in the creation of a special edition of the Smart ForTwo BoConcept and a raneg of furniture and also accessories encouraged by the German mini.

The Smart CEO, Annette Winkler, said: “Smart and the BoConcept have one similar goal: to optimizing the use of the narrowed space that’s available in the city along with pleasingly designed products, in this case, products that let our customers to express their personality and also organize their live as well as facilitate relaxed communication.”

Starting with the new Smart Fortwo BoConcept, the particular model is based on the previous and great Brabus Cabrio together with the design enthused by the home interiors. Meanwhile, the exterior comprises the matte white body panels together with matte brown finish as to the tridion cell, the door mirror caps, the soft-top and also to the alloy wheels.

In addition, the Danish company has said something in its explanation: “from the March 2013, the latest BoConcept Stores in many cities around the world will really be employing the smart fortwo BoConcept signature style as a nimble brand ambassador,”

Furthermore, on its behalf, the small Smart car enthused the innovation of the latest BoConcept’s ‘smartville collection’ that comprises a modular sofa, the lounge armchair together with ome references to a car seat in addition to a coffee table, its great glassware, special and nice cushions and also its table clock. The collection will be sold worldwide in this March.

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