Porsche Cayenne OTS Edition

Recent news has come from Porsche for the issue that Porsche has revealed its new car. As we have known, Porsche has served us with many cars and those cars were the stunning and impressive cars. Recently, the Irelands adapted automotive company Onyx Concept has revealed the Porsche Cayenne OTS edition. This program contains some parts made from carbon fiber, an exhaust system and also from ECU upgrade. The interior has also been altered with a new interior trim along with the leather.

Move on its exterior, it has been converted to a wide position that works greatly with the sill, arch, and skirt vented parts. In addition, this car will come with anew bumper and also new hood. Moreover, the side profile was altered with the wider arches and also new side skirts. Move on the other sides, rear door spoiler, a roof spoiler, and new rear bumper are shared along with a carbon fiber diffuser to give more space for the central dual exhaust pipes.

The Onyx Concept conversion also contains some technical alterations like an exhaust system long with the valve control that can be changed in the cabin at a flick of a switch swap and performance enhancement to 350bhp for the diesel variant and also up to 620bhp turbo engine.

Unfortunately, we have not got the information about the price yet. But we have got some nicest pictures for this nice car. This car will be able to give you the pleasure in riding and also will give you a different riding experience. This new Panamera has been built to satisfy all people in this world. Just wait and see the pleasure when this car has come to your market place. From now on, just enjoy some photographs on our gallery below. Just check it out.

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