Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Recently, the German Porsche tuner along with specialist Gemballa unveiled a nice white Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Flatnose III in Miami, Florida. You’ll be provided with the photoshoot that was taken by Jeremy Cliff. These photoshoots will show us on how wild and good-looking the German sports car could get. This special car was becoming a cabriolet and it’s also the rare ones to get the Flatnose treatment, particularly from Gemballa.

The initiative to retrofit flat noses to its front of recent and past generation of the Porsche 911′s was born out of a necessity to lessen aerodynamic drag, all the while keeping ample downforce to rescue the car from being too light at its front-end. The front nose look was came into its own in the early of 80′s, since tuners and also racers in a similar way saw the advantages a sloping front nose would bring to the previously ever-famous 911 chassis.

The Flatnose III made by Gemballa includes nothing short of what Gemballa’s reputation suggests. For instance, the car contains a custom white interior together with Gemballa stitched on the custom steering wheel that would match with the exterior theme. White dials are bordered by black accents. Meanwhile, its e white leather seats highlight the whole idea.

The weight reduction is becoming a key here in the form of a nice fiberglass flat front nose as well as brake cooling side ducts that lessen the car’s weight. Meanwhile, the other options like a strengthened rear wing have been added in the effort to make the downforce necessary to keep such a car on the road. This Flatnose III, which is specially-made by Gemballa, offers a great range of special features in addition to its standard features. Just take a look at this Flatnose III on our gallery below see a pleasure on it.

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