Porsche 911 GT2 R

Sportec recently has revealed some information of the new and ultimate racer based on a 911 (997) GT2. And the Sportec 911 GT2 R also has another name, The Hulk. This car will contain 720hp, 850Nm and it is 1,325kg. Besides that, the green jet GT2 is complemented there along with the twin turbos which will allow it to propel in 8.2 seconds to a speed of 200km/h.

Furthermore, the Two Sportec K24.730 turbos will bring a solid performance enhancement to the 720hp at 7,850rpm and the 850Nm of torque at the 4,760rpm. Moreover, you will find the special camshafts, the larger intercooler, the unbreakable titanium conrods built by Sportec, the sports air filter and also a clutch which will complete the engine upgrade. Meanwhile, a new exhaust system along with manifolds, the sport catalysts and titanium Akrapovic muffler will help you to provide an enhanced sound track.

And the important thing is that the specialist of Sportec has came along with an altered traction control system which doesn’t break via the drivetrain, but through the reduction of engine power on the fuel injectors. And the new change here which has some stages is more sensitive and also is faster than the standard traction control system.

You will also find main changes to the handling which contain the fully adjustable Bilstein suspension, the wider track along with 10” wide wheels in front and 12” at its rear, and an altered brake system along with 380 disks. Meanwhile, the widened and new bodywork has maximized its air inlets for the air charge and the brake cooling. In addition, for sufficient downforce at its rear axle, a rear spoiler has been fitted so that it can be changed with RSR tail. And the latest information said that the Swiss tuner has claimed that an engine tuning to 655hp will be start at € 22,000. Meanwhile, the exhaust system will be available at € 6,500. Just check out the gallery below and get more details.

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