BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe

As we may recall, we have been provided many cars by the huge ad well-known company, BMW. And resent news has said that BMW has unveiled its new car. People over the world have known that BMW is a famous company which has brought the future in our recent life by unveiling many great cars. And now, a German tuner, Hamann, has unveiled their modification package for the recent new BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe. The overall or complete package will contain alloy wheels and an aerodynamic profile in addition to a sports exhaust.

To make this car more attractive and interesting, now Hamann has changed the standard parts on its front with a front grill along with 2 integrated LED day lights, a really new front bumper and also a lighter carbon bonnet. Meanwhile, to modify the rear, from now on, Hamann has complemented a tailgate cover, a lift reducing spoiler, and also a really new bumper along with an integrated diffuser to change the Hamann four-pipe mufflers. And now, the side skirts will connect the front and rear. In addition, a 30mm lower suspension will make perfection on this car’s look.

In addition, Hamann will offer many wheel sizes and styles. Hamman has said that the Anniversary Evo Hyper Black, a monoblock 21” alloy wheel is accessible. Meanwhile, the interior of this Gran Coupe can be changed into what you want. Hamman gives you some options. From now on, you can decide to have this car in one of these options: Piano Gloss, wood, alcantara or leather. Unfortunately, both Hamman and the company haven’t unveiled any information about the price of this new car. But you don’t have to worry since we have got many pictures of this car which will show you how this car will be able to catch your attention. Just click and check out our gallery below.

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