Nissan March Special edition

Recent news has come from Nissan for the issue that Nissan has revealed its new product. Nissan is a well known company that has provided us with the great, strong and powerful car. Recently, the Nissan March “30th Happiness” has been revealed to celebrate the 30th birthday of Nissan March. This special edition of Nissan March is more beautiful than its base model, Nissan March 12X. This Nissan March “30th Happiness” comes with less alteration.

Some alterations have been done to make this Nissan March “30th Happiness” more impressive and beautiful. The inside and outside door handle and the grille come in silver color. Meanwhile, the backside mirror and the baggage are made in dark color to protect us from the UV. To add the beauty on this Nissan March “30th Happiness”, Nissan give the Rose beige in the interior.

The first generation of Nissan March was unveiled in October 1982. Ten years after that, the second generation has been unveiled. The other change has happened in 2002, Nissan comes with CVT. In addition to those generations, the fourth generations of this Nissan was unveiled in 2012 with the idling stop system and Xtronic CVT.

Under the hood of this Nissan March “30th Happiness”, you will find the HR12DE 1.2 liter engine with 2WD and 4WD system and Xtronic CVT. In addition, this Nissan March “30th Happiness” will go on sale starts at ¥ 1,232,700 and 1,405,950 and will be sold starts at this December 2012. This Nissan March “30th Happiness” is designed to make you happy with all of its benefits. You will get a great color on it interior. In addition, its engine is also great and will provide you a different riding experience. Wanna see the details? Just click on the gallery below and see more details on it.

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