Nissan GT-R Bolt Edition

The Nissan GT-R Bolt Edition recently has been revealed. This car is claimed as a fast car since it employs a powerful engine. In addition, it has famous as a fast car since the production of the Nissan GT-R Bolt Edition is inspired by the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. This Nissan GT-R Bolt Performance exactly comes with the Usain Bolt’s signature to give an exclusive look to this car.

Move on its interior, you’ll be provided with the features and accents in gold nuance. The interior with the gold nuance makes this car looks beautiful and luxurious.

After it broke the record in London Olympiad, the Jamaican sprinter comes to the Nissan’s office in Yokohama to sign a special agreement. Bolt, once again, is trusted as the brand ambassador supercar Nissan GT-R which can run until 320 kph. It is not only trusted as the brand ambassador supercar Nissan GT-R, but it is also trusted as a fast car.

Now, Bolt has clarified that race is his inspiration in his life. Due to that commitment, he wants to help Nissan to be more interesting brand to all people, so that he makes collaboration with Nissan. According to the Chief Operating NMC, Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan is very proud of the collaboration between Nissan GT-R and Bolt since this collaboration becomes a spellbinding in the London Olympiad 2012.

Finally, this Nissan GT-R with gold accents will be auctioned. Moreover, the result of this fundraising will be donated to Usain Bolt Foundation for the education and culture development in Jamaica. The auction will be held in eBay as an online auction. So, for you who want to show your charity, just click on the eBay and follow this auction.

Show your charity and get a Nissan GT-R Bolt Editionat the same time. Before you go on eBay, just check the Nissan GT-R Bolt Edition on the gallery below.

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