Opel Adam Rocks Concept

GM’s European division Opel, and then its Vauxhall counterpart in England, will attempt to make us shocked at the 83rd Geneva Auto Show, next month, in which they will offer the most recent Adam Rocks Concept.

The study of this car’s based on the production Adam that has been provided a crossover-style makeover. Meanwhile, it’s also adding a retractable fabric roof, alike that found on the previous Fiat 500C and the Citroen DS3 Cabrio. Although in the Opel’s case, the rear windshield seems to remain intact.

Standing on a taller suspension (15mm taller than the previous version), this rugged-looking Adam Rocks contains a 20mm wider stance due to a most recent body kit, which puts in plastic cladding on all four wheel arches in addition to it on the bumpers and also side skirts. To perfect the transformation, this car comes along with the front and the rear protective plates, a most recent set of alloy wheels and also the central exhaust pipe.

Malcolm Ward, the Opel/Vauxhall Lead Design Director said: “Along with bolder design than any other ADAM, the new ROCKS is an inspiring demonstration about how much more potential as to the individualization our most recent small lifestyle car remain offers after its market unveiling. It mixes both the toughness of a crossover together with the coolness of open air driving.”

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