2006 Subaru STI 587WHP

This monster of a 2006 Subaru STI comes from Jesus Fierro out of Arizona.  Lets start out by saying 587 WHP are you kidding me? Jesus has put a lot of work into his baby. His love for the car is only surpassed by his passion to tour the United States in his STI with his family. His goal was to make a very reliable family car that will conquer mountain roads with ease; we would like to say mission accomplished.

Fierro has decided to keep the car completely sleeper status as he does not want it to stand out from any other regular STI. The black on black look is simply gorgeous to say the least. All the modifications are done by the great staff at Goodspeedperformance.com out of Scottsdale AZ.

Here is a list of what Fierro has upgraded

  • Goodspeed Performance built motor
  • Cosworth pistons
  • Cosworth rods
  • Cosworth bearings
  • Cosworth Manifold
  • Cosworth cams
  • Composite TGV Deletes
  • Ported heads
  • Forced air technology 35R turbo kit
  • Forced air technology front mount intercooler
  • Garret 35R
  • 1680 CC bluemax injector
  • Aeromotive fuel system
  • Aeromotive double pump
  • ACT street clutch kit
  • Tial blow off valves
  • AMR headers
  • Cobb exhaust
  • Cobb access port

2006 Subaru STI Photos

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