Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG

Current news has come from Mercedes-Benz for the report that Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its new car. Currently, the German tuner Unicate has unveiled their new version of an altered Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG. Some alterations has been done by the people at Unicate and those contain 21 inch AMG wheels along with 256 size tires (including spacers front and rear to give us a more aggressive ride height and keep uus away from tire rub).

Meanwhile, the team has made some additional modifications to the ride height contain a MEC designed ELS lowering module along with decomposable settings which will allow the driver to modify the height for any number of different scenarios. And the other alterations from MEC contain a modified AMG styled exhaust which is called as the “Apocalypse” edition.

Besides that, a three-piece carbon fiber rear spoiler has been added for additional flair which is now completing the Unicate’s interior trimmings. And for the custom interior floor mats, it now are included along with nubuck edging further to differentiate the interior from a stock CL 63.

And the team has made an engine management tweaks which is also let the Unicate to press another 72hp out of the twin-turbo block. As a result, we will get an incredible and a stunning vehicle. And we will be able to enjoy a car which will able to attract our attention. Unfortunately, both of the carmakers and eth company has not said any word about the price of this stunning car. We have to wait it until it is realeased. But, you don’t have to worry since we have got many pictures of this car. Just get the details by clicking and checking it out on our gallery below.

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