McLaren MC-1 Design Study by David Cardoso

Current news has come from Mclaren for the report that Mclaren has unveiled its new vehicle to public. And the fact is that the general agreement which is following the unveiling of the McLaren P1. And for David Cardoso, he can’t be stopped from the production of his own idea on what the McLaren P1 should look like.

Moreover, this special design study is created upon the McLaren P1 base and it takes the key styling elements and builds a car which will look closer to the MP4-12C. Meanwhile, the design itself slots in more straight lines and it also removes the curves characteristic of the new P1.

In addition, the front fascia now has brought a low front spoiler long with its three air vents. And the P1′s McLaren logo-modeled headlights now have been removed in order to get or to create more conventional units with the bonnet which is now still bring two intake vents. And when we move further to its rear, the sides of the MC-1 are now smoother and separated only by two air vents (one on its rear pillar and the other on its cars shoulder).

In addition, in its rear, the MC-1 copies the look of the MP4-12C long with its central exhaust. Meanwhile, the design is now finished off long with a set of turbine alloy wheels. Unfortunately, the company has not said any word about the price of this car or even when this car will be published. But we have got many interesting and attractive pictures that will show you how this car will be able to impress us. Just click and check out those pictures on the gallery below.

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