Mazda RX7

Recently, a group of designers and also engineers in Hiroshima are evidently working on the Mazda’s next sports car together with a rotary engine. In addition, Nobuhiro Yamamoto, the company’s car chief said that a “latest RX-7” is on its way for 2017.
Well, 2017 is still four years away from now. That is infinity in the automotive world and so many things can be changed until then. Exceptionally those that, as Yamamoto acknowledged are “not carved in the stone”.

As you can recall, Mazda has left the party after the production of the great RX-8 two years ago. Meanwhile, Toyota has rolled out the nice 86/GT86 and also the Scion FR-S trio and has brought more promotion than any Auris, the Corolla or Camry ever will. In addition, its Lexus division has lost much money on each and every of the great 500 LFAs it has created; despite of being so costly that it created Ferraris abruptly look like a bargain.

On the other hands, it allowed it to struggle in the major league and also blend it with Ferrari, Lamborghini and also Porsche. And more than a decade ago, the 3rd-generation RX-7 allowed Mazda to blend it with Porsche.

Meanwhile, the Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn, has made the latest GT-R a top priority. Its sales amounts are just a blip on the Nissan’s world sales map. Honda is also return with the NSX. Even the Alfa Romeo that’s on life support until 2015 will also roll out then nice 4C mid-engined sports car at this year.

Moreover, Mazda have put the Wankel project on the backburner and also deliberate all their attempts on the latest Skyactiv gasoline and also diesel engines instead. Meanwhile, the rotary engine’s place isn’t in a museum but under the hood of a 21st century sports car rotating towards that sky-high redlines.

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