Lamborghini Urus Concept SUV

Although it’s yet to be verified for going to be produced, latest reports have recommended that the latest Lamborghini Urus could contain a plug-in hybrid powertrain if the information from a website is true.

Even when the previous Lamborghini Urus was first unveiled last year, anyone has guessed the engine that will be presented there, since the fact that Lamborghini enhanced it as a styling concept car..

On the other hand, together with the coming of the speculation proposing that Lamborghini is approaching closer to presenting the Lamborghini Urus the green light for the production, a hybrid powerplant would really make sense if Lamborghini desires to reduce on its carbon dioxide emissions and one which could assist the Italian company’s target of attaining at least the 600hp mark as to the road-going Lamborghini Urus.

Meanwhile, the Company President, Stephan Winkelmann, stated that the choice to build the Urus is made this third model be the first and the best Lamborghini-powered plug-in hybrid.

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