JET School Bus Rocket Launcher By Paul Stender

Alight class, You guys have no more excuses being late at school, because some gear-head like Paul Stander from Indy Boys invented this Jet School Bus! breathing fire and rockets along which speeds up to 42,000 HorsePower :)

That’s right folks that number is right and I am not kidding, You guys think its a waste of gas? Well, I Definitely agree! but the speed that you can obtain on the ground in this jet powered school bus is insane and scary, who wouldn’t be? I know myself I would!

According from the Indy Boys the engine lifted from a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter jet. The bus evolved into a high-speed dragster at the hands of motor-head Paul Stender who’s behind of all of this rocket launcher :) .

The entire vehicle was custom built by myself. There’s no way the original bus could have withstood the speeds that I take it to. “Actually a lot of it is hand-crafted and the types of metals used would be more at home on an aircraft.”

Despite its engine size, this school bus still seats three passengers. Media, VIP guests, and sponsors all get in line for a fast trip down the runway! But sadly, it won’t be taking any kids to school in record time: it’s for shows only.

“I built the bus for two reasons.The first is to entertain people because, come on, it’s a jet bus.”

“The second is to inspire kids to keep away from drugs. Let me explain: We do a lot of displays at schools and we are trying to show kids there’s more to life than sitting in front of computers. It’s important for them to have active hobbies and creative interests to keep busy and keep away from bad influences and drugs. That’s why we wrote our motto on the side of the bus, “Jets are hot, drugs are not.”

Stay tuned guys for more crazy jet powered car tuning and check out the videos below. :) After watching this cool videos, we would like to know what is your thoughts about this jet?

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