Jaguar XKR-S Nicko McBrain

Recent news has come from Iron Maiden and Nicko McBrain for the report that they take delivery order of the Custom-made Jaguar XKR-S. Recently, Iron Maiden drummer and long time Jaguar aficionado, Nicko McBrain, took control of a custom-made XKR-S that has been “Maidenized.” So, what’s about the result? You can take a look at the result on our gallery, later.

McBrain had an opportunity first to drive this XKR-S at the Gaydon test track in the U.K. On his way to the track, the British automaker has given him a ride in the new Range Rover Evoque. After McBrain is checking out the interior in the Evoque, he determined that he wished for a similar style in the XKR-S he was certainly going to buy.

After he was riding with the black and red color paint he liked in the Evoque, McBrain and the Jaguar team determined to flavor the interior along with the Iron Maiden themed accents. In addition, in the outside, the XKR-S gets an Ultra Blue paint that McBrain said is recently not accessible on the market yet.

Meanwhile, the door sills received a customize Nicko McBrain XKR-S engraving. Furthermore, the “Supercharged” on the carbon fiber hood louvers were re-painted in the renowned Iron Maiden font. In addition, “Made in Aluminum” was crafted on the piano black veneer above the glove box. Unfortunately, we have not got the information about its price yet. But we have got some nicest photographs on this Custom Jaguar XKR-S. We have no doubt that this car is a great car after McBrain has altered its own Jaguar XKR-S. The painting scheme of this car is usual, but very unique and makes us interested to see this car and to try to get ride on this car. Just check out and get some information on the gallery below.

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