Jaguar C-X3 Design Concept

Recent news has come from Jaguar for the report that Jaguar has revealed its new product. As we have known, Jaguar is a famous brand which has served us with many cars. Those cars are stunning cars and have become the spellbinder for us.

In this time, Jaguar’s last attempt to develop its automobile range with the introduction of a more inexpensive model, the 2001-2009 X-Type sedan, didn’t totally work for some reasons, but we have know that the truth is, if the British brand wants to stay alive and competitive, it will finally have to give it another try, it seems to be something which the bosses of the company haven’t denied. It remains to be seen, whether Jaguar will make an effort to build the other compact-executive sedan or if Jaguar will decide a different category,.

Sukhveer Sihra, the transportation designer from London, U.K, is recommend a sporty looking C-segment model – the C-X3 which targets premium cars like the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the Audi A3, and the BMW 1-Series.

Sihra has said that this project is a study of Jaguar’s option of developing its design language just before a C-segment vehicle, but joining to the core brand values of sports performance and luxury with an exclusive look and feel. However, this Jaguar C-X3 is a really a design concept for a BMW 1-Series and Mercedes A-Class Rival. This Jaguar C-X3 will bring us to a new experience in riding a car. We will get the pleasure when we ride on this car.

Unfortunately, the company has not revealed the price of this Jaguar C-X3 yet. We have to wait until it comes in this world. But we have got some nicest photographs for this stunning Jaguar C-X3. Just check out the photographs of this Jaguar C-X3 in high-resolution pictures on the gallery below.

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