Mercedes-Benz Sports Car

Do you want to have a futuristic car? Or do you wish to have a car that will drive you into the future along with its advantages? I think you should be glad since the recent news has reported that Mercedes-Benz has introduced its new concept car, a really new concept car which will bring you into your future. Perhaps, this new concept car will also bring the future into your existing life. And Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the new Mercedes-Benz sports concept car.

The company has claimed that this concept car is a work from the incredible automobile designer, Oliver Elst, from Germany. Oliver Elst used to have a partnership with some huge companies such as Opel and Mercedes-Benz. And, perhaps, the important information about Oliver Elst is that along with this design thesis, Oliver Elst currently has won the Lucky Strike Junior Design Award.

Oliver Elst has published the he wanted to decrease both the structural and visual weight of the car along with his design that employs “sandwiched” materials in the three layers, two layers are for the interior and the other layer is for the exterior. After the car has been modified by Oliver Elst, you will be able to feel the future in your current life. Employing the design on this car, Oliver Elst has made a new record in his life, on the other words, he has won the current Lucky Strike Junior Design Award.

Unfortunately, both of Mercedes-Benz and Oliver Elst haven’t said anything about when this concept car will go into the production. We have to wait for the next information from them. For now, just click and check out the gallery below and get some details of this concept car.

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