Ferrari Xezri Design Concept

Recent news has come from the legend, Ferrari after it has revealed its new product. The new Ferrari Xezri Design Concept Sport. Along with the official debut of this new Ferrari Xezri the automakers said that the Ferrari Xezri will be able to give us different thoughts on the Sports car.

Along with the Cadillac C-Ville study that has come several weeks ago, Sadikhov recently said about his vision of the new Xezri Competizione Edition that is the track-only racing version of his previous conceptual mid-engined supercar which is finished in second place at the recent 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest.

The alteration brings in a new range of aero aids containing a larger front splitter, the fender vents, and the protruding side skirts. Meanwhile, you will see a roof scoop which extends to its new rear wing and also a larger rear diffuser and the different wheels. Unfortunately, the price of this nice car hasn’t revealed yet. Sadikhov hasn’t said anything about it. Just click and check out the gallery below if you want to get some more facts.

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