Ferrari F70

Ferrari has been announced that it will reveal its new fastest car soon in the Detroit Motor Show in January 2013. This supercar is claimed to have the Hybrid technology – the blending of fuel engine with the electric.

Ferrari also has published that this supercar will be able to produce the power at 900 hp. The explanation on the name hasn’t been revealed yet, but Italy has guessed that this supercar will have the name as Ferrari F70.

This supercar also predicted to be able to beat the F12 Berlinetta. Under the hood, this F70 will use V-12 direct injection. Thisengine is combined with the high performance Hybrid system (HY – KERS)

This F70 will also come with the lightweight chassis made from carbon fibr. The newest model for this chassis has been revealed at the Paris Motor Show 2012. Ferrari hopes that the use of this chassis can enlighten the weight of this car. A light weight is the most important thing for this car, since this car will have the hybrid system (150 kg)

According to CEO Ferrari, Amedeo Felisa, this lightweight chassis is developed from the carbon fiber that has applied in the F1 in combination with the resin Transfer Molding. With this technology, Ferrari claims that the chassis for this F70 is 20% lighter than the Enzo’s chassis.

As far as the chassis has been concerned, this car used the lithium ion battery from Samsung Electronics. For the other details, just click and see on the gallery below.

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