Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

As we may recall, we have get acquainted with Ferrari, a huge and well-known company which has served us with many cars. And the recent news has come down from Ferrari for the report that Evren Milano has unveiled his work which is called as the 770 Daytona. Evren Milano has said that this car has built inspired from the natural Ferrari Daytona and Evren Milano has blended it with a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. In addition, Evren Milano has published a picture of another unusual but interesting Ferrari rendering, which is called as the F12 Berlinetta Giallo Acquila.

Looks like the 770 Daytona, the new Giallo Acquila is claimed as an impressive car which will easily catch the people’s attention. And because of a new partnership between Pinifarina and also Fioravanti, it seems that a project can be turned to the reality though the right amount of money is offered there.

In the effort of creating a fully moderated Ferrari, what the automakers needs is only a great design that will be road legal, much and much of money and also a donor car. Unfortunately, Evren Milano has only unveiled one picture of that car, but from this picture, we can find some spectacular changes.

First and become the prime, the new Giallo Acquila will bring a revamped rear end, containing a new diffuser, the exhaust system, duck-tail spoiler and also blacked-out roof. Meanwhile, the different side-skirts and also five-spoke wheels are presented here. We the company also said sorry since there are no more information on the further specification and even the price of this car. But you don’t have to worry. Just click and check out the gallery below and get some more details.

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