Compact Mazda RX7 FD Edition

If you want to drive a unique vehicle like no other, look no further the Compact Mazda RX7 FD Edition is here.

This exquisite British design, successfully underwent rigorous tests at compact H.Q and chief designer Phil Edwards passed with flying (yellow and black) colours.

The RX-7′s seductive body lines have been enhanced with a rare Compact GT body kit consisting of front and back bumpers, side skirts, rear spoiler, lowered suspension, new bonnet, and a two tone colour scheme.

This specially assembled ‘Compact body kit’ takes full advantage of the engine’s flow and characteristics, because one has to remember, this vehicle has been upgraded by Compact to top 450bhp so there is no room for the slightest error!

Dedicated to creating and fitting parts for the very best vehicles, we rebuild vehicles into individually tailored creations.

Compact specialize in auto bodywork, including wheel refurbishment, prestige car restyling and restoration, full re-spray and the fitting and painting of body kits.

They always provide their customers with what they desire. Customers could request a new body kit or interior and designer Philip Edwards has over a decade of experience in the automotive refinishing industry. His passion for quality and eye for detail is second to none.

Your Call!