The Death of The Manual Transmission


First, let's get this out of the way. I'm not the first to ever do a write up on this topic. That's pretty clear. Secondly, I'm (for all intents and purposes) your run-of-the-mill enthusiast. I enjoy … [Read more...]

Acting Hard In Front Of Your Girl


Not your ordinary day, huh!? The kid acting hard in front of his girl revving up his Porsche engine and asking to race the other dude on the Camaro, and happen to be the other guy is the cop. Watch … [Read more...]

Meet SuperCar Kid In Qatar MOHAMMED

SuperCar Kid In Qatar

WoW.. You guys wouldn't believe that this supercar kid has changed exotic cars just like it's his own clothes. MOHAMMED AL KUBAISSI is a young super rich businessman kid in Qatar, "yeah we would like … [Read more...]