Subaru BRZ Engine

Since the production version of the most recent FT-Concept(s) came out to this world in the form of the new Toyota 86/GT 86, the new Subaru BRZ and also the new Scion FR-S trio of almost identical rear-wheel drive coupes, everyone has the same question: is a more powerful version was on the cards?

Actually, Subaru has designed the all-new 2.0-liter normally aspirated flat-four along with Toyota adding its unusual-but-great fuel injection system.

In addition, the Subaru’s engine design department project team manager, Nobuo Kyotoku, was asked the same question. And the answer is both “yes” and “no” along with the present of the new the 2.0L FA (the motor’s designation) one of its 10 best engines of the year.

It becomes “yes”, since a turbocharged version of the all-aluminum FA is in production. Glad to say, it’s now under the hood of the recently-debuted Forester crossover and releases 250HP and also 349.4 Nm of torque.

And also “no”, since that engine will most absolutely not be complemented in the BRZ or its two other siblings. Well, we still have one more question: “why?”

It’s because, based on Kyotoku explanation, it’s dissimilar with the high-riding SUV; there’s inadequate space in its engine compartment of the low coupes to put in the bottom-mounted turbocharger.

Kyotoku said: “Enhancing this high-technology, lightweight engine, high-revving, was a hard challenge and the improvement time was so short in comparison to the other programs. But the plan of the project was to make customers glad and satisfy with our product, and we feel so good about the customer feedback we’ve received.”

So, what about those customers who feel that the chassis can absolutely control more than the 200HP and 204 Nm of torque that’s recently on offer?

Kyotoku added: “We could make a better performance by other means like diminishing friction and developing combustion, or employing “electrically-driven accessories”.

Your Call!