BMW M3 E92

BMW has been issued for the report which is said that BMW has unveiled its new vehicle. What about the fact? And the fact is that Velos Designwerks, a Miami-based luxury tuner, now has deal with the BMW M3 E92 and completed the car with a range of alterations, both outside and inside of this BMW M3 E92.

Firstly, Velos Designwerks starts from the exterior of the BMW M3 E92. We can realize that the most major visual changes go on the new front splitter made from carbon fiber and special dark bronze lightweight forged alloy wheels. To get the street-appeal style, Velos Designwerks is now lowering the M3 in order to give it even more street appeal.

Meanwhile, when we move on the performance side of this car, Velos has started to make an improvement in the performance along with a major brake upgrade, in which, it has been changing to a new set of Brembo braking system. Besides that, the suspension lowering on this car was presented by KW via the V3 suspension lowering module.

Furthermore, when all of these alterations sound attracting and those are more than enough to make the fast-M3 goes to another level, Velos Designwerks still go one step further and attached an ESS VT625 supercharger kit on this car includes eight pounds of boost which can produce an additional 200 horsepower. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t revealed yet about the price’s information. But we have got some photographs that will make us know how this car will look when it’s come to public. Just check out on the gallery below.

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