BMW 4-Series Coupe

The recent news has reported that the BMW 4-Series Coupe F32 Concept car has been revealed in public. And the fact is that this new F32 4-Series has been built on the 3-Series platform, and distributes the F30′s 2,810mm wheelbase, which is about 50mm longer than the E92. Its front track is 1,545mm (45mm wider than before) and its rear track has been widened by 80mm. this car is now stands on 1,826 mm wide, along with the roof line in 1,362 mm and 4,641 mm in its length.

This concept has been done in a paintjob (the company has called it as the Liquid Metal Silver). Meanwhile, lots of nice chrome and also the satin detailing are coming as well as the big gaping intakes on its front bumper.

And the new things on the BMW design language are the new “Air Breather” vents, which BMW has claimed it as the aerodynamically functional apertures behind its front wheels. As you may recall, you can find and first saw this on some spy photos of the BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo which has been revealed some times ago. And now it has worked in tandem along with the Air Curtain to make sure the reduction in drag around its wheels.

When we move on its lighting, the full-LED headlights are in a hexagonal form. Meanwhile, the corona rings are made bigger as an optical fiber light bar into the kidney grilles that also have exposed sides such as the F30′s. This will really help the front end to look broader.

And about the interior, it is similar to the F30 3-Series, in which for this concept, BMW Individual has borrowed their hand in making the interior surfaces a special touch. The color scheme which you will find there are two-tone Black color and Schiaparelli Brown color trim. In addition, this BMW Individual trim employs sustainably tanned leather. Get the details of this car by checking it out n the gallery below.

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