Audi R8 PD GT650

The recent news has come down from Audi. As we may recall, Audi is a huge and well-known company that has served us with many cars since many years ago. And people also know that the cars from Audi are great and even the greatest in the dealership. And currently, Audi has unveiled its new car, the new Audi R8. This new car is an attractive looking sports car which will make us recognize that Audi is really a great and perhaps the greatest company ever.

Moreover, you will also always find the owners who want to give their Audi R8 PD GT650 a more altered and extreme appearance, in which the tuning companies such as Germany’s Prior Design will step in to make a help.

Besides that, the tuner’s new, and a little bit comprehensive, PD GT650 styling package will suit all of the R8 coupe models (although Prior Design doesn’t say whether the kit can be applied to the facelifted R8 or not). In addition, this package will have its cost at €19,900 in Germany.

And what you will get there? In fact, you will exactly get a range of the parts such as a complete front bumper along with the canards and a lip spoiler, the wider front fenders, a rear bumper along with a new diffuser, the side skirts, a fixed rear wing, and also a racecar-like roof scoop. The company has said that this car will become the best car since it has been fitted with that tuning package. You will get you better future if you get this package. For getting more details of this car, just click and check out our gallery below.

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