Aprilia Stingray by Vilner

For the next project, perhaps the Bulgarian design house, Vilner, will once again try to the world of motorcycles long with the full-modification of a new Aprilia Tuono that has been cleverly named as the Stingray.

Its styling transformation includes a range of modifications containing a brand new front fender, the revamped headlamps and also the turning signals along with the LED units, the new side spoilers along with two vents each, a re-sculptured tank and also the tinted rear lights.

Moreover, Vilner also has re-positioned the license plate holder, re-upholstered the seats, painted the part of the frame in black, extended the great rear fork and the driving chain by 150mm and also re-sprayed the wheels. To perfect the design, there is a performance upgrade which has been said to boast the new Aprilia’s output by ten percent.

Your Call!