Have you ever met a feisty, go getter with a desire to reach above the norm to become great at what she loves? If you haven’t before, you’re about to now because Alma Nicole, from Winston-Salem, NC is just that. Having only been in the modeling scene for a year or so, she has managed to keep her work high class, interesting, and exclusive all while working a “real” job AND going to college. But it doesn’t stop there… At first glance, you will see more pictures with cars than anything else, but that’s Alma’s niche. She also enjoys shooting natural, fashion, glam, and athletic scenes as well.

Only 18 years young, Alma Nicole has posed with some of the import scene’s hottest cars including Lamborghini’s, Lotus’, and Lexus’ and has also been featured in the online blog of HIPSandWHIPS. Besides working for herself on most occasions, she co-owns and models for a new but potentially growing modeling group called DEM Girls. Currently, Alma Nicole promotes for Exotics Inc., Insane Stance and Offset, 336 Motorsports, Midnight Motorsports and is continually adding to that list.

While some prefer to say that Alma has it made, she begs to differ, saying, “I didn’t make it this far with a handout, and only a few have stuck by me since the beginning. I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world.” It seems that behind the good looks of this young model is a passionate yet head-strong girl who won’t let a challenge stop her next move.

Not accepting all the credit, Alma Nicole wants to thank all of the photographers who worked with her, Courtney Williams, Bryan owner/editor of TunedTech, and all of the fans supporting her saying, “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you!”

To check out more of her work and get in contact with her, find her on Facebook at Alma Nicole.

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    Nice… Love the cars and the chick!