All New Jaguar E-Type

Alexander Imnadze is categorized as one of the young automotive designers whose work and names keep popping up on our radar.

After he stolen our attention with the impressive Lamborghini Concept, he comes back with the stunning Ferrari Quattroporte sports sedan and also the stunning Alfa Romeo 6C. But, he is reported to prepare a latest and very interesting and impressive design concept intended for the new jaguar E-Type.

Imnadze said, “I have new car design project if you are interested!”.The impressive E-Type study is a work in progress, but Alexander Imnadze wanted to impart a nice preview of this car with us to prevent any copycat accusations in consideration to the stunning BMW Pininfarina study.

“It’s the Jaguar E-Type Concept and it is not finished at this moment but I sent it now because today I saw the BMW concept from Pininfarina and it looks pretty much similar!”, Alexander imnadze added.

We will easily say that it’s much more interesting and also promising even in the unfinished phase than the stunning German-Italian partnership since the overall aesthetics and several design details of the great E-Type study remind us on the magnificent 2011 Bertone B99 Concept.

Your Call!