Alfa Romeo Design Concept

The last and nicest sports car to be built by Alfa Romeo was the great 8C Competizione which has been offered in several limited numbers between 2007 and 2010. This car has shared its platform and its V8 engine with the previous and great Maserati GranTurismo. But we’ve got news said that for the future, the Italians have assure us minimal two new great sports models, the current new 4C mid-engine coupe and the upcoming Mazda MX-5-based Spider. In addition, both of those cars are predicted to be less excellent than the previous 8C, but also more reasonable priced.

But, whether Alfa Romeo will undertake again into the higher echelons of the sports car segment still a mystery for this time, but we’ve heard that two fans of this Italian brand named George M. and Florian J, who both are now still working in the automotive industry, have arise together with a fresh conceptual opinion for a stunning GT which will be called as the 6C Cuore Sportivo.

Florian told us that the concept car pays homage to the Alfa Romeo’s past coupes. Meanwhile, it’s also taking a look at the best future of the brand. Just check out more details on our gallery below.

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