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TunedTech.ca is an online community blog dedicated to the automotive car enthusiasts. We are dedicated to bringing the true automotive lifestyle and motorsports enthusiast the most relevant content possible. We take the best features from the industries events, feature cars including tuner cars, tech & tips, performance parts, and street cars and more, industry news stories, street racing videos and much more and we combined them into one dynamic site, easy to use place.

The automotive scene is full of energy and action and we are capturing that energy and passing it on to you through TunedTech.ca our online publication blog. We are not only about the cars but the lifestyle as a whole. Far from a fan site, we cover all cars domestics, imports, low riders, muscle cars, classic cars, motorcycles & more! TunedTech delivers the best content through interactive, timely, and measurable means traditional media outlets cannot match. By utilizing interactive content, TunedTech Car Enthusiasts brings valued audiences right to your front door. TunedTech a blog page for car enthusiasts, BY enthusiasts.

In 2008, we made our dream a reality by starting TunedTech.ca! We have successfully built the ultimate website for everything automotive. If it’s not here, chances are you can’t find it but someone here probably knows the answer.

The site has grown over the years into what you see today. The platform we have developed is great and extremely user friendly for everyone that comes here. Whether you are a member, reader or have just stumbled across us for the first time, we have put together a site that is easy to navigate and use to help you learn about everything automotive and search for any specific information that you may be looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a novice. There’s something for every car enthusiast on tunedtech.ca.

Our community is large with a vast array of interests and specialties and is growing every day. We have over thousands of members that visit our forums to post and show off their rides, answer each others questions and share information for any questions that other members may have. The wealth of experience and knowledge that our members have is priceless. There is no better forum out there when it comes to the knowledge, parts and set up advice that the forum members bring to you when it comes to building your practice toy or competition winning weapon.

We take notice of the things that are posted on our site. After all, we are car enthusiasts and that’s the whole reason that we started tunedtech.ca. In fact, if your ride is absolutely amazing and sweet, chances are we will feature it and spread the word about it!

Our professional team is always keeping up on what is new and fresh in the news. Visit the blog section of the site and read about car tuning, tips, reviews, news and related issues for both car enthusiasts and common users. Updated on a regular basis, you will want it to be one of your first destinations when you visit tunedtech.ca. There is some really great information in our blog!

Visit our featured section to see the latest and greatest in automotive technology and what you can expect to see in the future. Car manufacturers are constantly churning out new ideas and we post them there for you to see. Share the information on your Facebook page. Leave a comment letting us know what you think about the possibilities for the future in the automotive industry.

Take a look at the videos posted on the site to see the awesome promotional videos of different products making their debut on the scene. Automotive companies pull no punches when it comes to promoting their new ideas and products for the coming year. You can comment on each video and share with your friends on your social media networks. They will wonder where you are getting all of your great information!

Have something to sell? Parts, rides and everything to do with autos can be posted in the marketplace. What better forum to place your ride for sale or parts you just don’t need than in the middle of a car enthusiast forum board? Here you can list your item for sale with photos and a description. Easily answer any questions and address any offers. It’s free too. Which makes it extremely sweet.

At tunedtech.ca, you won’t find any favoritism when it comes to brands. All of our information is non-biased and we will never push a certain product or brand on any of our readers. We are here to give you all the information that we can and let you make up your own mind on what you think with the neutral information that we have given you.

The tunedtech.ca forum platform is designed for various makes and models to make it easier to exchange information and talk about each one. So, if you have a few different cars that you want to talk about, we encourage you to create a thread on each one. You’ll enjoy the forum’s ease of use and interaction with all of our knowledgeable members.

The Member’s Ride forum is the place to show off your new modifications and projects. You can tell everyone about your ride and post photos to show just how awesome that new modification is. Strike up a discussion and answer questions and comments left by other members. Take a look at what others are working on or have finished and leave your thoughts or ask your questions about how they did it.

Another great feature that we have included in the forum section of tunedtech.ca is the regional section. Here you can talk with car enthusiasts in your area. Find out what’s going on around you with shows and other events. Meet new people and make new friends in your area that share your passion and enthusiasm for all things auto.

Do you have a group or club and you need a place to meet online for messaging, posting meeting dates and events? Tunedtech.ca is the perfect place for you. Your club members can all gather here to exchange information, ideas and recruit new members into your club on our forum. Let us know about your club and we can create your own individual forum in our regional section for your club’s postings.

When you first view the forums, you are viewing as a guest which gives you limited access to everything including the categories and you will not have the ability to post. So why not join tunedtech.ca to be able to use the forum to its maximum capacity? Sign up is free and you will be able to post topics, ask your questions in our tech section, communicate privately with other members, respond to our polls, upload in our gallery, play the arcade games and so much more!

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