She goes by the name Abigael Nikkol and as you can see, she’s a professional model who’s aspiring to expand through Tuner Import Modeling. 21 years old and currently living in Charlotte, NC, she has been modeling for about 2 years now, and its her life. She has done over 75+ shoots and worked at a lot of events such as XDC, SWD, HIN, NOPI, NDRA, and local car shows/meets. The infatuation with modeling took off when she became involved in the import scene in 2008.

Through her teens, shes really wasn’t much of a sport player, (other than the swim team) and now it’s easy to understand why! Her thrill comes from being around of sickly tuned cars, imports to be specific. After a year of her learning all about the tuning side of the scene, she picked up her first Import Tuner issue in 2008. (Thanks to Juan Rivera and her primary car family Team Inertia) She attended her first show, HIN NightShift 2008. It was here that she was inspired by the gorgeous models working at the booths, dancing on stage, posing by the cars and luckily just happened that she was wearing something cute on that day to the show. Some of the local photographers asked to pose with the cars! The ENTIRE TIME she was walking around, people start asking her who she was representing, how often she modeled, and eventually, she found herself IN LOVE with Import modeling.

From there, Abigael got herself into the business, started setting up with her own shoots, and began emailing people. *Shoutout to Team RPM and allowing her to represent them and their movement as an official RPM promo model!* Since then, Abigael Nikkol has grown to become more confident in her decision to follow the Import Modeling avenue. She has been featured on several online blogs and sites such as AutoCafeGO, Sexy Skin Magazine, NUTEKSpeed, StancedLyfe and now here on TunedTech. Shes also branching out and hosting her own car meets now and group photoshoots with cars for aspiring models.

Currently, she promotes for Team Inertia, Team RPM, RTX Rage Tees, UltimateTeamTrivia, Also, she is a GoGirl Doll dancer/model for GoGirl ENT. and she LOVE IT! You can catch her dancing in local clubs such as Phoenix Charlotte and Solas Raleigh representing GOGIRL. Others include Teaser by Yuli, IMPORT ƒΛshion™, HAE Management/PASMag, Nuvo, and NOS. So I guess all in all, you can say is shes a sarcastic smartass, an adrenaline junkie, gogo dancer, import/promo model, and carefree chic icon smile Abigael Nikkol Official Heartbreaker Of Tuners World ^__~* …. and I guess you can add sexy to that list but we’re trying to be modest icon wink Abigael Nikkol Official Heartbreaker Of Tuners World.

For more information on her schedule, images, crazy model blabber, or whatever your reason, you can catch up with her at Facebook Abigael Nikkol.

A note from Abigael Nikkol:

A special thank you to Bryan, owner of TunedTech, rSellos Photography, Michael Khun, Shawn Wagoner, Josh Lear, Jet Taylor, and Segway Security Dude (for not kicking us out as soon as we got to the location without permiso) :D Could not have done it without you all !!! ♥

Thanks for checking out this feature and I’m proud to represent as an official TunedTech model!

Your Call!

  • Jesse Q

    They came out great tiff! TUNEDTECH!!

  • Jet Taylor

    I met Abigael in 2010 and through her Rsellos who shot this feature. They are two of the nicest people I have ever interacted with and I hired them both to shoot a series on my Ducati 1098. She quite simply just comes alive in front of a camera with an awareness of the needs of the image and how to position her body to frame a feature or follow the lines of the prop. She has a great sense of humor, is easy to work with and quite simply, delivers. She and Rsellos also have good chemistry together so if you are looking for a model for a project or a photographer, I can easily recommend each of these fine people.


    Jet Taylor

  • Abiga

    Thank you guys soooo much!! I’m soooo happy to have been a part of this and Im happy to have had everyone involved who made this possible. Thank you so much !!