BMW M4 Coupe and M3 Sedan

Recent news has come from BMW since there is news reported that BMW will make some plans to uncover a thinly masked concept version of the stunning M3 sedan at the recent Frankfurt motor show in the next September, along with the final production model to present in some dealerships around the world in the next 2014.

Just like many other introduction, the Britain’s Car Magazine has come along with an illustration to offer us an idea of what to think and expect about the new M3 sedan’s looks in its most recent issue.

It will not alone, since the creative minds over at the Bimmerpost employed their Photoshop skills to revolve the BMW four-Series Coupe Concept from the current Detroit Motor Show into an expressive M4 Coupe study.

Meanwhile, the BMW divided the three-Series range into two separate lines along with the three-Series moniker that has been reserved for the more family-orientated body styles just like the sedan, the Touring and the forthcoming 5-door Gran Turismo, and also the latest 4-Series moniker employed as to the sportier-looking variants, comprising the coupe, the convertible and the also the Gran Coupe, both vehicle lines are sharing their underpinnings and the mechanical hardware.

In addition, the new M3 sedan and also the M4 coupe will get its power from a enhanced straight-six gasoline engine containing at least 2 turbocharged to produce 450-horses.

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