2014 Audi RS6 Avant

After Audi has been issued, now it’s the right time for Audi to reveal its new vehicle after the first-press-release pictures of the 2014 RS6 Avant.

Previously, it goes with 571hp (579PS) and also 650Nm (479 lbf·ft) 5.0-liter bi-turbo V10 from RS. And for now, it will go with the twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 TFSI engine which shared with other Audi’s like the S8 and also the Bentley Continental.

Meanwhile, the company has claimed that this V8 will be able to produce 552hp (560PS) between the 5,700 and also the 6,700 rpm and a constant 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque which is accessible between 1,750 and 5,500 rpm. In addition, this car will go with a cylinder on demand or the COD system that at low to intermediate loads and engine speeds, lets the 4.0 TFSI to run as a four-cylinder engine to make a reduction in the fuel-consumption until the driver success to accelerate. And Audi has claimed that this car is able to accelerate from zero to 100km/h (62mph) time in 3.9 seconds.

Audi has also announced that this car will come in three models. And the base model will be complemented with the 250km/h (155mph) speed limiter. Meanwhile, the optional Dynamic package will let you to run 280km/h (174mph) and the Dynamic Plus, 305km/h (190mph).

This new car from Audi is also complemented with a heavily tweaked chassis that now bring a standard, air suspension or, as an alternative, a tauter sport suspension along with steel springs and Dynamic Ride Control (DRC). In addition, there is an electronic stabilization control (ESC) that has been complemented with a Sport mode that can be deactivated entirely.

Braking power is given from four internally vented discs and the carbon fiber-ceramic brake discs are offered as an option. In its interior, Audi beautify the RS6 Avant with two sportily molded rear seats as the standard, or you can get a three-person bench seat as the optional feature. Get more details of this car just in the gallery below.

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