All new Chevrolet Cruze Luxury Sedan

The most recent product from Chevrolet is the 2013 Chevrolet Cruze. But now, this car has received some alteration. After getting some refreshments on the exterior, the New Chevrolet Cruze looks prettier than before. Besides that, to provide an entertainment link, this Chevrolet Cruze comes with the Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system

However, the refreshment on the front grille, the front/rear bumper and the new fog lamp make this New 2013 Chevrolet Cruze more elegance and prettier. Meanwhile, the front and rear body kits are the optional features from Chevrolet. You can choose one of those kits by yourself.

Furthermore, the Chevrolet MyLink brings the smartphone ability to your car. The audio system can be connected to iPad iPod via Bluetooth or USB. You can make your Chevrolet Cruze as smart as your smartphone with this Chevrolet MyLink. Enjoy the easiness in bringing a smartest way in entertaining to your car.

In Middle East, this Chevrolet Cruze is offered in 4-cylinder 1.8 liter engine (138 hp). In addition, this Chevrolet Cruze comes in either manual transmission or 6-speed automatic. The manual transmission version makes use of 1 liter of fuel to run 10.64 km. You can choose one transmission options as you like.

According to the Marketing Manager of Chevrolet, Ahmed Soudodi, at General Motors Middle East Operations, from now on, Chevrolet Cruze has developed as one of the cars from Chevrolet that is really impressive. Chevrolet Cruze has become the impressive and elegance car due to the comfort and the safety features, impermeability and the wider cabin.

When you get your Chevrolet Cruze in your hand, you will have no worry since this Chevrolet Cruze will provide a fast speed and the greatest features. Don’t let any hesitancy entering your mind. Just check out on the gallery below to get more details.

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