Ford Inovation 2012 NAIAS Detroit Auto Show

The 2012 NAIAS Detroit Auto Show was an amazing event and great experienced for us by attending to one of the largest Auto show in world. :)

When we say NAIAS Detroit Auto Show, you’d probably thinking about Acura NSX, BMW i8 concept, Toyota Scion FR-S, Lexus LFA, and a bunch of other car concepts that you are expecting to see. Well, guess what? we will get into that later :) Since Ford company are the one who invited US to attend to Detroit Auto Show we would like to give this first credit to them.

Imagine being invited by one of the biggest car manufacture (Free flight ticket, foods, hotel, VIP passes and more :) ) is really something. It’s been a pleasure to us giving this opportunity to attend at this event and not to mention we also have the chance to visit and check out the FORD headquarters facilities and meet most of the people who’s behind with their new concepts and explaining how all the FORD concepts started and invented..

Introduction of Ford Focus/Fusion at NAIAS 2012

Photography by: Trevor Ronning

Ford Introducing their new concept cars. What we have here are all the Ford vehicles at the show, we tried to get a good shot but their was lot of press/people and we couldn’t get a good one! :) but as you can see they’re pretty decent right? say yes, or else! lol We have the Ford Mustang, Ford Racing Car, and Ford Fusion, Ford Taurus captured. :)

Ford 2012 Detroit Auto Show Car Photos

Photography by: Trevor Ronning

Attending to auto show event is really fun, exciting and interesting but meeting new friends is something! We were at the Ford Hotel dinner at this time. The guy with the glasses is Julio, he is one of the greatest Web designer I’ve met, from his right is Suzanne, she’s an interior designer base in Calgary and The guy with the red shirt is Manzell, he is an event organizer! :)

Time to visit Ford HeadQuarters. In these photos, Ford people demonstrating us how they build their new Ford Focus, how it works etc and showing us all the equipment how they built it.

Ford HeadQuarters Photos

Photography by: Trevor Ronning

It’s break time :) after a long session inside the ford headquarters, it is time to relax, have some smokes and chill outside. While were outside and holding my camera I couldn’t stop myself to take some photos so I took some! LOL :)

Chilling outside the Ford Headquarters

Hope you enjoy reading and viewing all the photos we have taken for you guys! :)

Your Call!