2012 BMW 6 Series M Sport

Recent news has come from BMW for the report that BMW has revealed its new product. As we have known, for some years, BMW has served us with many cars. The cars for BMW are great cars and become the spellbinder for us, for the people around the world. For this time, BMW has revealed its new product, named BMW 6 Series M Sport. The introduction of this new BMW can happen with the help from Hamann.

Hamann has revealed a new customization program for the 2012 BMW 6 Series coupe completed with the M Sport package. Many people are not very sure why, but the company (BMW) have always seemed to be better in black and finally Hamann decided to portray their new body kit on a black 650i coupe. Meanwhile, the Hamann’s aero kit which has been fitted to the 2012 BMW 6 Series (M Sport) contains a new front spoiler that it seems to give extra downforce, side skirts, a new rear bumper insert, a boot lid spoiler and also a new rear spoiler.

In addition, the 2012 6 Series coupe by Hamman will stand on a recent new set of alloys with a black paint and a rim which has been chromed and also a suspension system which is lowered. Although Hamann has presented this new body kit on the coupe version of the 6 Series M Sport (2012), many people has sure that it can also be inserted on the convertible version.

Unfortunately, Hamman did not publish the price of the new program for the Bavarian model. And we have not known the price of the new BMW 6 Series 2012 yet. Although we haven’t got the information about its price, we have got some nicest pictures of this car. To get a closer look of this new BMW 6 Series 2012, just click and check out on the gallery below.

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