Mercedes Benz AMG New Version?

Spy shot of mercedes dual clutch

Mercedes Benz AMG model is a series of performance more powerful than the AMG Black Series is even more violent for the word, but if the black line and station wagon combine together? would this be a … [Read more...]

Return of Legendary BMW 8 Series


Few days back, the Turkish designer of the BMW Ismet Cevik draw out a concept car BMW 8 series imaginary map. In the design phase of the new BMW 8 series, and its position is BMW Coupe models in the … [Read more...]

Second Generation 2013 Ford Fusion

Ford-Fusion 2nd Generation

Ford will be unleashing their second generation of Ford Focus models at Detroit Auto Show in a few days. Being invited at this event and getting a VIP treatment will give us a privilege to get all the … [Read more...]

Great Way How To Avoid Traffic

How to avoid traffic

Have you ever thought of a way how to avoid traffic? :) If not, then better check this funny video! LOL I know all of us hate traffic specially during the morning rush hour, So these two idiots doing … [Read more...]

VTEC Nut Story From Australia

Honda Civic Racing Car

Building and racing your own project cars is very interesting. Bill Pearson here is one of our car forum member and for over thirty years of building and racing his own project cars, his been winning … [Read more...]