1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Recent news has come from Chevrolet for the issue that Chevrolet has revealed its new product. As we may recall, Chevrolet has served us with many great cars and those cars are really stunning cars. In this time, three tuners – the Nelson Racing Engines, the eGarage and the Roadster Shop worked together some time back to built a stunning 2,000hp 1969 Camaro. And this was probable via the consumption of Billet Blackout Series twin-turbo intercooled 572 cubic inch Big Block Chevy crate engine from the NRE that has been fitted to a twin 10.5 inch dual disc clutch and altered viper six-speed transmission.

In addition, the power has been taken to the ground via a Strange nine-inch rear with nodular case and 35 spline axles. Meanwhile, the exhaust system contains a 304 stainless NRE exhaust with x-pipe. And the cooling has come from an aluminum dual row dual pass aluminum radiator along with the twin high output electric fans.

Furthermore, the Camaro has been complemented with the dual fuel injectors per cylinder which is utilizing “Octane on Demand”. Meanwhile, the automatically injecting race chatter in the secondary injector under the boost-only conditions and it is driving around on 91 octane. Move on its suspension, the suspension system contains lower arms and Detroit Speed upper with the altered coil over shocks in the front and altered konis in the all-four corners.

Moreover, HRE wheels will give us the benefit along with the Drag Radial tires. Meanwhile, the electrically assisted 4 wheel disc brakes have been inserted as a part of the exclusive braking system. To add more exclusive look, a midnight black theme was complemented on the body. Meanwhile, the interior comes with the leather upholstery, sound system in 1,000 watts and also a vintage air conditioning system. Unfortunately, the price of this car hasn’t been revealed yet by the company. From now on, just check out the gallery below for getting the details.

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